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(All Escrow fees are subject to WA State and Local Sales taxes based on city rates where escrow originated)
$50,000.00 $900 $400
$100,000.00 $1,000 $450
$200,000.00 $1,100 $500
$300,000.00 $1,200 $550
$400,000.00 $1,300 $600
$500,000.00 $1,400 $650
$600,000.00 $1,500 $700
$700,000.00 $1,600 $750
$800,000.00 $1,700 $800
$900,000.00 $1,800 $850
$1,000,000.00 $1,900 $900
$1,500,000.00 $2,100 $900
$2,000,000.00 $2,300 $900
*Please call for quotes on higher values.
  • The purchase and sale escrow fee includes two wires and next day courier costs to return documents to new lender and to send closing documents to buyer and seller with return courier if required. Any additional wires or couriers will be charged per the Supplemental Escrow Fees list. Please contact your escrow officer with any questions.
  • The basic Refinance charges shown above are for escrow services on a single loan transaction. In the event there are additional loans on the same property that are to close simultaneously with the first loan, the charge will be $250 + sales tax for each additional loan.
  • Reduced rates of 70% of the amount scheduled above (minimum of $200.00) for customers who have volume sales in a single subdivision or condominium, and for customers who have volume sales of residential houses or apartments built for sale or lease.
  • Commercial transactions, please call for quote.
  • In the event that documents must be signed at an office that is not an escrow office of this company, the charges of that unrelated company will be assessed to the party who required the service.
Supplemental Escrow Fees that may apply (subject to WA State & Local Sales Tax unless otherwise marked)
Additional pay off greater than five (includes real estate debts, credit cards, auto loans etc.) $25 each
Wire Fee $25
Priority Overnight courier fee $25
Priority Overnight courier with return (seller) $50
Priority Overnight courier with return (buyer) $65
Mobile/Manufactured Home transfer of title $250
Mobile/Manufactured Home title elimination $300 plus all fees for recording, County processing, certified copies, and DOL requirements
Re-Build Mobile/Manufactured Home Title for removal from real property $500
Earnest money placed in interest bearing account $100
Reconveyance fee or partial reconveyance fee (includes filing fee) no sales tax is charged. Requires original note, original deed of trust and signed request for reconveyance. $450
Reconveyance fee (includes filing fee) no sales tax is charged, if only provided affidavit of lost note and/or deed of trust. $475
For Sale By Owner $300 (Buyer & Seller)
Escrow Cancellation Fee $100 + costs incurred
  • Services for preparation of releases of mortgage, or reconveyances of a deed of trust, if not to be done by the lender receiving full payoff, will be charged to the borrower based upon the identity of the lender and the identity of the trustee named on a deed of trust. If original promissory notes and/or deeds of trust are not delivered, an additional charge will be required by the trustee. the trustee.
  • The company reserves the right to request additional escrow charges where unusual services or costs to the company will be required to comply with the instructions of the parties. If that occurs, the customer will be informed and provided an opportunity to cancel the request or make alternative arrangements. Examples include, but are not limited to: (1) post-closing responsibilities; (2) unusual document preparation responsibilities; (3) expedited deliveries; (4) filing UCC financing statements; or (5) FIRPTA processing.
  • The company is committed to offering any and all applicable discounts as allowed by the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Washington including but not limited to builder / developer / investor discounts and those available to government entities and charitable organizations.
  • The company reserves the right to match rates quoted by our competitors.


Reconveyance Fees:

Standard Reconveyance Fee $350.00

Reconveyance Fee if Lost Documents: $375.00 (Lost Promissory Note and/or Lost Deed of Trust)

  • Request for Full Reconveyance Word PDF
  • Request for Partial Reconveyance Word PDF

(Lost Promissory Note and/or Lost Deed of Trust Indemnifications Required. Beneficiary must sign before a Notary Public)

Download Indemnifications here:

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