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Online Documents/ Forms

Online Documents/ Forms

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Escrow Information Sheet
Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit Rev 2/22/10
Real Estate Excise Tax Supplemental Affidavit
Assignment of Deed of Trust 2105
Bargain and Sale Deed 1505 (Revised 4/2009)
Bill of Sale 3005 (Revised 12/2006)
Deed of Trust 22a05 (Revised 4/2014)
Deed of Trust 2205 (Revised 4/2014)
Deed of Trust Short Form 2005 (Revised 2/2008)
Mortgage 5005
Partial Release of Judgment 6305
Partial Release of Lien 6105
Partial Release of Mortgage 5205
Partial Waiver of Lien 6505
Personal Representative Deed 7416
Power of Attorney – Special – Purchase 7105
Power of Attorney – Special – Sale 7005
Promissory Note 28a05
Purchaser Assign REC 1405
Quit Claim Deed 1205
Real Estate Contract Long Form 4505 (Revised 3/2009)
Real Estate Contract Residential Short Form 4405 (Revised 3/2009)
Recording Cover Sheet 0105
Release of Lien 6005
Request for Full Reconveyance 2305
Request for Partial Reconveyance 2405
Satisfaction of Judgment 6205
Satisfaction of Mortgage 5105
Security Agreement 7308
Seller Assign REC 1305
Statutory Warranty Deed 1005
Subordination Agreement 3505
Use Tax Return for Consumer
Waiver of Lien 6405
Warranty Fulfillment Deed 1105
DISCLAIMER. The following documents are being provided for informational purposes only.

These documents were prepared for the Limited Practice Board by the Washington State Bar Association for use by Licensed Limited Practice Officers and Attorneys for real and personal property transactions within the State of Washington.

Olympic Peninsula Title Company makes no warranties or generalities regarding the use and applicability of these documents without the direct supervision of an Olympic Peninsula Title Licensed Limited Practice Officer.

Any use or modification of these documents by parties not affiliated with Olympic Peninsula Title should not be undertaken without obtaining independent legal counsel.

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