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Limited Practice Officers

Limited Practice Officers

What is a Limited Practice Officer?

The process of closing a real estate transaction involves the selection and preparation of various legal documents intended to transfer ownership of property and secure the financing of such property. These documents can be drafted, selected, and prepared by a licensed attorney, but in Washington State are regularly selected and prepared by experienced and licensed Limited Practice Officers or LPO’s. An LPO usually has worked within an escrow department or company for years before amassing enough experience and information to properly do the job. To become an LPO, application must be made to the Washington State Bar Association and a rigorous examination must be passed. Once licensed as a Limited Practice Officer by the Washington Supreme Court, the LPO has the authority to select and prepare a variety of legal documents based on the parties’ written agreements and/or instructions. These documents have been drafted and approved by the Limited Practice Board of the Washington State Bar Association. The LPO uses her/his experience and judgement to select which documents need to be prepared to meet the needs and objectives of each individual transaction. The LPO is licensed to perform these limited legal practices.

At Olympic Peninsula Title we have seven licensed Limited Practice Officers on staff. You can rely on the experience and knowledge of our professionals to provide a secure, accurate and swift escrow closing experience.

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