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Earnest Money Deposit

Submit Your Earnest Money Deposit

Paper checks and wire transfers can finally be a thing of the past with Olympic Peninsula Title ePay! Now, delivering funds for your next real estate transaction is easier, safer, and quicker than ever.

See what Olympic Peninsula Title ePay offers:

  • Fully Electronic, Encrypted & Secure
  • Initiate a Transfer within 90 Seconds
  • Connect to Any Financial Institution in the U.S.
  • Never Share Routing and Account Numbers
  • Stay Informed with Email Notifications
  • Receive Refunds or Commissions
  • Accessible 24/7

It’s time to ditch paper checks!

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When Submitting Your Earnest Money Deposit, We Have Options For You

* All incoming funds must be received and cleared prior to closing:  per Washington state RCW 18.44. 400(3) as all closing funds must be “good funds” prior to disbursement. Due to a large amount of fraud, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.